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Adult Leadership

We would like to thank our gracious adult volunteers who dedicate their time in service to helping Scouts achieve their goals. The Boy Scouts of America takes great pride in the quality of adult leadership. Being a leader in the BSA is a privilege, not a right. The quality of the program and the safety of our youth members call for high-quality adult leadership.

New Leaders are required to take Youth Protection Training before they submit an application for registration. All adult leadership must adhere to all BSA Guidelines and have completed their Youth Protection Training (YPT) and Youth Protection Training must be taken every two years. In addition, we highly encourage and request they complete their role specific training as well.

Adult Training available through Simon Kenton Council

Key 3 Leadership

Luis AliceaScoutmasterEmail
Stephanie MilburnCommittee ChairEmail
Amy ColganCharter Organization Rep614-486-9433Holy Trinity Lutheran Church

Adult Leadership

Casey CampbellAssistant Scoutmaster
Corey ChristianAssistant Scoutmaster
Jodie FosterAssistant Scoutmaster
Cleo HessAssistant Scoutmaster
Jodi HessAssistant Scoutmaster
Sarrah LallierAssistant Scoutmaster
Patrick LathropAssistant Scoutmaster
Roy LewisAssistant Scoutmaster
Corbin McGuffin-NollAssistant Scoutmaster
Bill MitchellAssistant Scoutmaster
Kris MitchellAssistant Scoutmaster
Ken RichardsonAssistant Scoutmaster
Steve SchickAssistant Scoutmaster
Roman SkorackiAssistant Scoutmaster
Drew WadeAssistant Scoutmaster
Elaine AliceaCommittee MemberWebmaster
Maresa CampbellCommittee Member
Demetri CapetanopoulosCommittee Member
Chris ConradCommittee MemberChaplain
Chris Fang-YenCommittee Member
Ron FortmanCommittee Member
Mark FosterCommittee MemberTreasurer
Paul FrenkenCommittee MemberAdvancement Coordinator
Yuchi HanCommittee Member
Darin HobsonCommittee Member
Paul KreitlerCommittee Member
Scott MilburnCommittee Member
Olivia MillerCommittee Member
Chuck NelsonCommittee MemberOutdoor Event Coordinator
Rashmi NemadeCommittee Member
Patrick PiccininniCommittee MemberSecretary
Eric SingerCommittee Member
Laura SkorackiCommittee MemberLife to Eagle Coordinator
Guru VasudevaCommittee Member
Geoff WadeCommittee Member

Additional Leadership

Pastor Steve WachtmanCharter Executive Officer614.486.9433Holy Trinity Lutheran Church
Anthony StabileWebhost
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