Google Group

UA Troop 555 offers the ability to communicate through our UA Troop 555 Google Group Forum.

The Google Group is an email-enabled forum for all adult leaders, scouts and parents of scouts on the current troop roster. Membership must be requested and then approved by the UA Troop 555 Administrator.

As a member you will be able to send emails to all other members through a single email address. You will also have access to the Troop 555 Roster and other non-public files in the UA Troop 555 Google Drive Folder. Access to this folder is limited to members who are logged in with a Google email address.

Requesting Membership

You may request membership to the group in two ways:

  1. Using a Google Email Account (Gmail or other Google-hosted email account).

    By far, the best way to sign up for the Google Group is using a Google email account. Login to your Google email account and go to the Membership Request page to apply for membership.

  2. Using a Non-Google Email Account

    Email the UA Troop 555 Administrator ( and include the word "Invite" in the Subject. Please provide the names and email addresses of the applicant(s) in the body of your message.

Please allow 24-48 hours for approval. Once your request is approved you will receive an email welcoming you to the group.

Emailing the Group

You may email the group by including the UA Troop 555 Google Group ( in the To: line of your email. As the sender, you will not receive a copy of the email you sent, however it will be received by every other member of the group.

Our policy is the the group should only be used for messages that are relevant to UA Troop 555 and require distribution to the entire troop. Communication to individuals or smaller groups (e.g. patrols or High Adventure groups) should be sent directly to their email addresses.

All messages sent through the group can be seen on the UA Troop 555 Google Group Forum page.

Accessing the UA Troop 555 Google Drive

In order to access the UA Troop 555 Google Drive Folder you must be an approved member using a Google email address.

At this time the UA Troop 555 Google Drive Folder will not appear in the "Shared with me" area of your personal Google Drive, however you can bookmark the link or reference this web page in the future.