Campout Archive

Over the years Troop 555 has camped at a wide variety of locales providing scouts with a unique opportunity for exploration and discovery. Whether it's a campout at a nearby State Park, visiting National Historical sites or sleeping in caves beneath the Earth, our scouts have a blast!

Camp Falling Rock
Turkey CampoutNovember 10, 2018Darby Creek Farms
Caving CampoutOctober 20, 2018Laurel Caverns, Farmington, PA
Gettysburg Family CampoutSeptember 1, 2018Gettysburg, PA
Fishing Day TripAugust 4, 2018Darby Bend Lake
Friedlander Summer CampJuly 15, 2018Friedlander
Seven Ranges Summer CampJuly 8, 2018Seven Ranges
Advancement/Hiking CampoutJune 9, 2018John Bryan State Park
Thunderbase CamporallMay 4, 2018Ross County Fairgrounds
Backpacking Campout April 7, 2018Zoar River Valley
Kalahari Water Park Day TripMarch 24, 2018Sandusky, OH
Skills CampoutMarch 3, 2018
Skiing CampoutFebruary 9, 2018Seven Springs, PA
Turkey CampoutNovember 11, 2017Darby Creek Farms
Horseback Riding CampoutOctober 21, 2017Camp Wilson
Kelleys IslandSeptember 16, 2017Kelleys Island State Park
High Ropes CampoutAugust 5, 2017Ohio University
Friedlander Summer CampAugust 16, 2017Friedlander
Seven Ranges Summer CampJuly 9, 2017Seven Ranges
Advancement CampoutJuly 24, 2017Delaware State Park
Philmont High AdventureJune 11, 2017Cimarron, NM
Northern Tier High AdventureJune 4, 2017Ely, MN
Madison Lake Advancement CampoutMay 12, 2017Madison Lake State Park
The TurtleApril 29, 2017The Turtle, Mount Vernon, OH
Backpacking CampoutMarch 25, 2017Camp Hugh Birch Taylor
Tubing Day TripFebuary 25, 2017Mad River Mountain
Seven Springs Ski TripFebuary 3, 2017Seven Springs Ski Resort
Electronics Lock-InJanuary 13, 20 17HTLC
Turkey CampoutNovember 12, 2016Darby Creek Farms
Zombie SurvivalOctober 15, 2016Chief Logan
Canoeing CampoutSeptember 24, 2016Mohican State Park
Fishing/Caving CampoutAugust 5, 2016Kiser Lake State Park
Summer CampJuly 17, 20 16Firelands
Summer CampJuly 10, 2016Seven Ranges
Summit High AdventureJune 19, 2016Summit
Philmont High AdventureJune 15, 2016Philmont Scout Ranch
June CampoutJune 11, 2016John Bryan State Park
Sea Base High AdventureMay 30, 2016Sea Base
May CampoutMay 21, 2016Deer Creek State Park
Shooting CampoutApril 16, 2016Firelands
Sea Base High AdventureMarch 20, 2016Sea Base
March CampoutMarch 12, 2016Brendon Woods Metro Park
Ski TripFebuary 26, 2016Seven Springs, PA
Electronics Lock-inFebuary 12, 2016HTLC
Klondike DerbyJanuary 16, 2016Camp Lazarus
November Campout & SwimmingNovember 14, 2015Camp Lazarus/Worthington Rec Center
50th Anniversary CampoutOctober 24, 2015Darby Creek Farms
Canoeing on Little Miami RiverSeptember 26, 2015Cowan Lake State Park
Summer CampJuly 19, 2015Firelands
Summer CampJuly 5, 2015Seven Ranges
The SummitJune 21, 2015Jean, WV
Philmont High AdventureJune 20, 2015Cimarron, NM
Advancement CampoutJune 13, 2015A.W. Marion State Park
Logan TrailMay 16, 2015Tar Hollow State Park
Spring CampoutApril 25, 2015Deleware State Park
Caving CampoutMarch 7, 2015Blue Spring Caverns
Seven Springs Mountain ResortFebruary 20, 2015Seven Springs, PA
Klondike/Cold Weather CampoutJanuary 17, 2015Camp Lazarus
Turkey Shoot CampoutNovermber 8, 2014Camp Lazarus
Zombie/Survival CampoutOctober 11, 2014Hocking Hills
Cycling CampoutSeptember 20, 2014John Bryan State Park
Watersports Merit Badge CampoutAugust 15, 2014White Sulphur Lake
Summer CampJuly 27, 2014Seven Ranges
Summer CampJuly 13, 2014Firelands
The Summit Bechtel ReserveJune 29, 2014Glenn Jean, WV
Advancement CampoutJune 7, 2014Twin Creek Metro Park
Thunderbase CamporeeMay 3, 2014Ross Country Fairgrounds
Backpacking CampoutApril 12, 2014Zoar Valley Trail
USAF Museum Board Game CampoutMarch 15, 2014Camp Birch
Electronics Lock-inFebruary 28, 2014Holy Trinity Lutheran Church
Skiing CampoutFeburary 8, 2014Seven Springs, PA
Klondike/Cold Weather CampoutJanuary 18, 2014Camp Lazarus
Turkey Dinner CampoutNovember 9, 2013Camp Lazarus
COPE/Shooting CampoutOctober 26, 2013Firelands Scout Reservation
Cycling CampoutSeptember 21, 2013John Bryan State Park
Labor Day Family CampoutAugust 31, 2013Mammoth Cave, KY
Watersports Merit BadgeAugust 16, 2013White Sulphur Lake
Summer CampJuly 14, 2013Firelands
Summer CampJuly 7, 2013Seven Ranges
Advancement CampoutJune 29, 2013Twin Creek Metro Park
Mountain ManJune 16, 2013Blue Ridge Mountains Council, VA
Philmont High AdventureJune 10, 2013Cimarron, NM
Canoeing CampoutMay 18, 2013Hocking Hills
Backpacking CampoutApril 27, 2013The Turtle, Mount Vernon, OH
CampoutMarch 2013Camp Falling Rock
Skiing CampoutFebruary 1, 2013Seven Springs, PA
Electronics CampoutJanuary 5, 2013Cricket Holler, Dayton, OH
Turkey Dinner CampoutNovember 10, 2012Camp Ken Jockety, OH
Cedar Point (Optional)October 21, 2012Sandusky, OH
Lake Erie CampoutOctober 20, 2012Kelleys Island, OH
Backpacking CampoutSeptember 29, 2012Zaleski State Park, OH
Labor Day Family CampoutSeptember 1, 2012White Water Rafting in WV
Watersports Merit Badge CampoutAugust 17 2012White Sulphur Lake, OH
Summer CampJuly 29, 2012Seven Ranges
Summer CampJuly 15, 2012Firelands
Advancement CampoutJune 23, 2012Kiser Lake, OH
Sea Base High AdventureJune 9, 2012Miami, FL
Canoeing CampoutMay 19, 2012Mohican State Park, OH
Shooting CampoutApril 14, 2012Firelands Scout Reservation, OH
Caving CampoutMarch 3, 2012Blue Spring Cavern, Bedford, IN
Skiing CampoutFebruary 18, 2012Mad River, OH
Electronics CampoutJanuary 21, 2012Cricket Holler, OH
Turkey Cooking CampoutNovember 5, 2011Camp Ken Jockety
CamporeeOctober 22, 2011Camp Falling Rock
Canoeing CampoutOctober 1, 2011Kiser Lake
Labor Day Family CampoutSeptember 5, 2011Gettysburg, PA
Summer CampJuly 31, 2011Seven Ranges
Summer CampJuly 17, 2011Firelands
Philmont High Adventure, Crew 702-N-02July 2, 2011Cimarron, NM
Advancement CampoutJune 25, 2011White Sulphur Lake
Mountain ManJune 12, 2011Blue Ridge Mountains Council, VA
Backpacking CampoutMay 21, 2011Logan Trail
CamporeeApril 29, 2011Buckeye Trail
Scout Skills CampoutApril 9, 2011Hocking Hills
Campout, Hopewell Indian MoundsMarch 5, 2011Chillicothe
Skiing CampoutFebruary 12, 2011Seven Springs, PA
Electronics CampoutJanuary 15, 2011Camp Friedlander
Troop PartyNovember 20, 2010Upper Arlington
Horseback Riding CampoutOctober 30, 2010Whitewater Memorial State Park, IN
Trail Service Campout, Buckeye TrailOctober 9, 2010Burr Oak State Park
Labor Day Campout, Fort Niagara, Niagara FallsSeptember 4, 2010Niagara Falls, NY
Water Sports Merit Badge Day (optional)August 13, 2010White Sulphur Lake
National JamboreeJuly 26, 2010Fort A.P. Hill, VA
Summer CampJuly 18, 2010Firelands
Summer CampJuly 11, 2010Seven Ranges
High KnollJune 13, 2010Blue Ridge Mountains Council, VA
Advancement Campout June 12, 2010Kiser Lake
CampoutMay 22, 2010Hocking Hills
Centennial Camporall May 1, 2010Ross County Fairgrounds
Shooting CampoutApril 17, 2010Firelands
Skiing/Tubing CampoutFebruary 13, 2010Brandywine
Electronics Campout, Air Force Museum January 9, 2010Cricket Holler
Turkey Cooking CampoutNovember 7, 2009Chief Logan
CampoutOctober 3, 2009John Bryan State Park
Cedar Point Day Trip (optional)September 19, 2009Sandusky
Labor Day Campout, Patton Museum, Fort DuffieldSeptember 5, 2009 Fort Knox, KY
Summer CampJuly 26, 2009Seven Ranges
Summer CampJuly 19, 2009Firelands
Philmont High Adventure, Crew 622June 20, 2009Cimarron, NM
Philmont High Adventure, Crew 621-G5June 18, 2009Cimarron, NM
Advancement Campout, CanoeingJune 13, 2009Mohican State Park
Backpacking Campout - The TurtleApril 24, 2009
Hiking CampoutMarch 7, 2009Great Seal of Ohio State Park
Skiing CampoutFebruary 14, 2009Canaan Valley, WV
Klondike (optional) January 31, 2009Camp Lazarus
Electronics Campout, Air Force MuseumJanuary 9, 2009Schiewetz Center
Advancement CampoutNovember 8, 2008Mohican State Park
Caving, Whitewater Rafting CampoutOctober 17, 2008Laurel Caverns, PA
Backpacking Campout (optional)September 27, 2008Lake Vesuvius
Campout, Stone LabsSeptember 13, 2008Put-in-Bay
Canoeing Day Outing (optional)August 16, 2008Little Miami River
Summer Camp July 27, 2008Seven Ranges
Biking Day Trip (optional)July 12, 2008Mohican State Park
Missions TripJuly 10, 2008Dominican Republic
Advancement CampoutJune 30, 2008Marion State Park
High KnollJune 22, 2008Blue Ridge Mountains Council, VA
Sea Base - Out Island AdventureJune 22, 2008Florida
Northern Tier High AdventureJune 15, 2008Minnesota
Hiking CampoutMay 3, 2008Logan Trail
CamporeeApril 19, 2008Buckeye Trail
Campout, Overnight on Coast Guard Cutter McLaneApril 5, 2008Michigan
CampoutMarch 1, 2008Camp Falling Rock
Electronics CampoutFebruary 9, 2008Camp Pioneer
Caving Campout, Feline Rescue CenterJanuary 19, 2008Blue Springs, IN
Recruitment Campout November 10, 2007Camp Ken Jockety
Campout, Fishing and Corn MazeOctober 20, 2007Kiser Lake
Backpacking CampoutSeptember 29, 2007
Whitewater RaftingSeptember 3, 2007New River, WV
Summer Camp July 29, 2007Seven Ranges
Advancement CampoutJune 30, 2007
Philmont High AdventureJune 12, 2007Cimarron, NM
Sea Base High AdventureJune 11, 2007Florida
CamporeeMay 5, 2007Chillicothe
Backpacking/Survival Skills CampoutApril 14, 2007Zaleski State Forest
Campout, Newport AquariumMarch 7, 2007Camp Friedlander
Skiing CampoutFebruary 16, 2007Peek’n Peak, Camp Merz
Sledding/Tobogganing CampoutJanuary 19, 2007Camp Pioneer
Bowling & Swim PartyDecember 16, 2006Dublin Rec. Center
CampoutNovember 11, 2006Burr Oak State Park
Cedar Point CampoutOctober 27, 2006East Harbor Campsite
Orienteering CampoutSeptember 30, 2006Camp Friedlander
Labor Day CampoutSeptember 2, 2006Gettysburg, PA
Summer CampJuly 30, 2006Seven Ranges
Mountain ManJune 18, 2006Blue Ridge Mountains Council, VA
Advancement CampoutJune 10, 2006Otter Creek
Campout, Henry Ford MuseumMay 20, 2006Greenfield Village
CamporeeApril 22, 2006Athens
Electronics CampoutMarch 4, 2006Cookie Cabin
Skiing CampoutFebruary 18, 2006Camp Manatoc
Buckeye KlondikeJanuary 28, 2006Camp Lazarus
CampoutNovember 12, 2005Hocking Hills
Cedar PointOctober 15, 2005Sandusky
Canoeing CampoutSeptember 24, 2005
Labor Day Family Campout, Whitewater RaftingSeptember 5, 2005
Summer CampJuly 31, 2005Seven Ranges
Philmont High AdventureJune 23, 2005Cimarron, NM
Advancement CampoutJune 18, 2005Delaware State Park
Campout May 21, 2005Lake Erie South Bass, Gibraltar
Backpacking Campout, The TurtleApril 29, 2005
Skiing CampoutJanuary 17, 2997-
Winter CampoutFebruary 15, 1997Hocking County
CampoutMarch 15, 1997Slate Run Historical Farm
Horseback WeekendApril 12, 1997Mohican Wilderness
The TurtleMay 3, 1997Mohican Wilderness
Summer CampJuly 27, 1997Seven Ranges Scout Reservation
Ten Mile HikeMarch 23, 1996Cornfields of eastern Ohio
Horseback Riding, Five Mile HikeApril 20, 1996-
Twenty Mile HikeMay 18, 1996Clifton Gorge
High EnduroJuly 19, 1996Great Smokey Mountains
Summer CampAugust 11, 1996Seven Ranges Scout Reservation
Olympiad CamporeeOctober 18, 1996Malibar Farms
Pioneers in the WildsNovember 16, 1996Morgan and Athens Counties